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After a long break viennese producer Waldeck isback with his new album “ballroom stories”.

Lose the spliff, get off the sofa and twirl your feeton the polished dance floors of the ballrooms andspeakeasies of the late 1920s, because that is wherewaldeck has taken us.

Swing meets tango in a heavenly cocktailpromising a life richer than the thick smoke ofcuban cigars. the opener “make my day” evokesthe days when al capone made a fortune sellingbooze. singer joy malcolm (late of incognito) givesup an impressive performance. luxury car makermercedes benz used this song for their new tvcampaign featuring world champion mr. alonso.meanwhile, “addicted” sneaks in with an intriguingbass line and a healthy dose of tango. zeebee (akaeve angel) is the new voice on this masterpiece.

“I am fascinated by the lust for life and the hedonisticcharacter of this era. in those days women hadlong cigarette holders and their only raison d´êtreseemed to be the pursuit of pleasure. the swingmusic of 1920s & 30s was born of both high artisticquality and 100% entertainment.” - a combinationnot seen since.

“much of this tradition was destroyed by the naziregime and the 2nd world war. i am trying to fi ndan appropriate continuation of this sound that haslong been neglected. of course it’s a 21st centuryversion, not just a copy.”

Although most of the albums fantastic arrangementshave been recorded live, Waldeck achievestime travel though the use of old gramophonesand shellac recordings.

“It is quite fascinating that the illusion only workswith these gramophone sound effects. if you hearthe same music played live, you would not havethe same sensation of travelling to the past”. it’sfunny how our brain works.

Musically, Waldeck dwells on offbeat rhythmssuch as swing and combines them with his oldpassion: dub & reaggae. and it works well. Waldeckhopes that this album will be as successful as hisprevious albums “balance of the force” 1998 and“the night garden” (2001), that sold over 100.000copies.

We think this could easily be possible!


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